Denture stabilization with mini implants in Charlotte, NC

Denture wearers know that their appliances are often irritating and loose fitting. If you are one of the countless numbers of people who are weary of dealing with the shortcomings of standard dentures, denture stabilization is an excellent alternative. At Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne, Dr. Robert Harrell — one of the top-ranked dentists in Charlotte — uses a technique known as mini implants to create a much more effective denture, one that can be truly life-changing.

In the past, the standard option for holding dentures in place was over-the-counter adhesives. As all denture wearers know, this is far from a perfect solution. Chewing or even talking with full dentures can often be an aggravating challenge. Mini implants are an extremely effective method for dealing with this issue.

The implants serve as the base for the denture, holding it stable and making it far more functional. In the process, several metal posts are inserted into the jawbone. These are smaller than the posts that are used in single dental implants, which speeds healing and the bone-fusing process. This also means the procedure can be completed in one office visit.

The tops of the posts are made to attach to the underside of your current denture with no modifications. The denture is “snapped” onto the posts, which is why this kind of appliance is also known as a “snap on” denture. Of course, you are also able to simply “snap off” your new stabilized denture for easy cleaning. Due to the ease of the procedure, you can eat normally the very same day.

Patients of Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne can always count on receiving the best treatments with the latest technology. So, if you’ve had your fill of the shortcomings of traditional dentures, mini implants are the perfect solution for increased stability and functionality.

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