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Sunday, 04 January 2009 18:17

MIView is built with Microsoft Visual C++, and depending on the version may have been built with VC++ 6.0 SP5, VC++ 2005, VC++ 2005 SP1, or VC++2008 SP1. Any (using the VC++ runtime library, which MIView does) project built with VC++ requires runtime DLLs to be distributed with the executable.

Here is a break down of the available MIView versions and the VC++ redistributable file that is required:

MIView Version VC++ Redistributable Platform (download link)
0.5.6 and earlier
0.5.7 to 0.6.371
2005 SP1
0.6.383 (current) 2008 SP1
32-bit, 64-bit



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