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Thursday, 21 February 2008 19:00
February 22, 2008 - 0.6 build 254
  • [add] Conversion utility (writes raster and 3D/4D Analyze/Nifti images [.nii .img .hdr])
  • [add] License in the installer
  • [add] MS VC++ redist files added to the installer (with option to install or not)
  • [add] Second volume rendering method (basic 3D ray trace)
  • [add] Support for loading and converting DICOM mosaic images
  • [add] Option to change the volume displayed for 4D data
  • [add] Window levels are not applied to volume rendering view
  • [fix] Color mapping works on NVidia 8800GT
  • [fix] improved FPS counting and fixed in volume rendering view
  • [fix] Volume rendering fixed and displays as expected
  • [fix] Volume rendering information overlay works
  • [fix] Volume rendering now displays 8,16,32 bit signed and unsigned image datatypes
  • [fix] Image information overlay now correctly displays the current slice
  • [fix] RGB images are displayed correctly, and window levels adjust across all RGB channels
  • [fix] 3D DICOM files load and display correctly
  • [fix] Filename of the currently displayed image is displayed above the viewing area


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